How it works - Hourly Hires

Overview and costs

  • Hourly hire services are available in the “Private” service category.
  • Hourly hire services operate on an “as required” basis like a private charter service.
  • The purpose of an hourly service is to retain both the car and driver for a period of hours; sightseeing trip to a landmark, or concert, shopping or business appointments. The service is also known as; “As Directed by the Customer”.
  • The rates quoted for hourly hires are the total amount for the requested period.
  • The total amount includes taxes but does not include parking or tolls; this amount is tracked by the driver and is an extra that needs to be paid directly to the driver at the end of the period.
  • This service is not to be used as an alternative to a “Point to Point” style transfer service. The kilometres travelled are limited for these services. The driver has discretion to also track the total kilometres travelled. The driver will keep the customer up to date with kilometres used and request payment for any excess at the end of the hire.
  • It is best to agree to the itinerary with the supplier prior to the day that the service is required.


  • Can I start my hourly hire from an Airport arrival? Yes you can start from a flight arrival ETA, but the Airport parking toll will need to be added at the end. The hourly hire under this scenario must not be broken into segments and must be continuous. This service is not suited to picking up a passenger at the Airport then driving to the hotel with a break of some hours and then returning to commence the hourly hire.  A normal Airport Transfer plus an hourly hire starting at the hotel is best for this case.
  • Waiting time at an Airport is flexible if your flight is delayed. The driver will monitor the flight arrival time and adjust the pickup time accordingly. But with an hourly hire the hourly hire starts at the original flight ETA not when the customer is met.
  • After landing the driver allocates; 30 minutes waiting time for domestic flights and 1 hour for International flights. It is up to the passenger to contact the driver if there are further delays with customs, immigration or lost luggage. The driver has the discretion to leave the Airport after this time period has elapsed on the assumption that the customer has missed the flight.
  • Passengers are best to contact the driver if there is any change in the itinerary.
  • Failure to notify the driver of any itinerary change will result in forfeiture of the fare if there is a “No show” at the nominated meeting/pickup point at the booked date and time.

Meeting Points

  • Most suppliers will meet their customers holding a sign with the customer name printed on it.
  • Most suppliers meet the customers inside the terminal building.
  • Most suppliers for Domestic Terminal meet the passengers at the luggage carousel.
  • Most suppliers for International Terminal meet the passengers as they exit the secure customs/immigration areas at the entry to the public meeting area.

Problems finding driver

  • We provide you with your driver name, email address and contact phone number.
  • It is best to turn on your mobile phone when you land. This will enable good communication with the driver and vice-versa.
  • Sometimes the driver is waiting for a signal that the aircraft has actually landed, then to move to the airport parking zone at the terminal, because at some terminals parking time is restricted to 20 minutes maximum.
  • Please take with you your confirmation email with your driver contact details.