How it works - Private Transfers

Overview and costs

  • Private transfer services operate on as required basis like a private taxi service
  • Private transfer services work in a particular geographic region
  • The name “private” is derived from “a private ride with no others”
  • The private service is also known as “door to door”, one fixed pickup and drop off point
  • Private rides are priced per the vehicle i.e. 1, 2 or 3+....occupants for $70 total per vehicle
  • The price quoted will be for all the passengers in your group for that vehicle
  • There will be a number of no other people sharing the ride, the driver is just for you
  • The private ride will pick up and deliver you immediately to the desired destination with no stops along the route, similar to a regular taxi service
  • The cost of a private transfer is most economical for three or more people
  • Providers of private transfers do not offer concessions for infants and children
  • Providers are required to supply infant and child restraints, customers have to notify their ages
  • Tolls, taxes and Airport parking are included in the price per vehicle


  • Waiting time at an Airport is flexible if your flight is delayed. The driver will monitor the flight arrival time and adjust the pickup time accordingly.
  • After landing the driver allocates; 30 minutes waiting time for domestic flights and 1 hour for International flights. It is up to the passenger to contact the driver if there are further delays with customs, immigration or lost luggage. The driver has the discretion to leave the Airport after this time period has elapsed on the assumption that the customer has missed the flight.
  • Passengers are best to contact the driver if there is any change in flight itineraries.
  •  Failure to notify the driver of any itinerary change will result in forfeiture of the fare if there is a “No show” at the nominated meeting/pickup point at the booked date and time
  • We suggest passengers being picked up from hotels and private addresses are ready and waiting at the front of the premises at the requested time to avoid delays to the driver’s schedule. The driver has the discretion to leave after a waiting period of ten minutes
  • Missed pick up times or departure deadlines may result in forfeiture of the cost
  • Some operators can re-schedule passengers who miss the nominated pick up time because of flight changes or flight cancellations but this is at the discretion of the driver
  • Customers of private rides will select the most suitable pick up time from the available to meet their own flight arrival or departure itinerary
  • Customers are best to book their Airport pickup time and date using the flight ETA and arrival date. Customers booking pickups to take them to the Airport are recommended to allow for transit time plus the required check-in time prior to the flight departure time.