How it works - Shared Transfers

Overview and costs

  • Shared transfer services operate on a timetable much like a shuttle or bus service
  • Shared services work on a particular geographic route
  • The name “shared” is derived from “sharing the ride and overall cost with others”
  • Shared rides are priced per the number of people i.e. 3 adults x $20 each = $60 total
  • The price quoted will be for all passengers in your group
  • There will be a number of people, unknown to each other sharing the ride
  • The people sharing the ride may embark or disembark at any point along the route
  • The service is also known as “door to door” but is generally “door to door to door to door......” unless the service has one fixed pickup and one fixed drop off which then be truly door to door
  • The cost of a shared transfer/shuttle is most economical for one or two people
  • Some providers of shared transfers offer concessions for infants and children
  • Some providers charge full price per head regardless of the age of the passenger
  • Tolls and Airport parking are included in the price per head


  • Waiting time at an Airport is limited if your flight is delayed. The driver may be constrained by the number of passengers that have already arrived and waiting to leave by the scheduled departure time. The driver will use discretion to balance the needs of the customers already waiting, the ETA of others and the maintenance of the schedule
  • Passengers need to meet the driver at the nominated meeting point in advance of the scheduled departure time
  • Passengers being picked up from hotels and private addresses need to be ready and waiting at the front of the premises at the requested time to avoid delays to other passengers.
  • Pickups from the suburbs or CBD heading to an Airport; passengers are required to be ready and waiting 15-30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time from that immediate region. The supplier will advise the estimated pick up time in this case
  • Departure or pickup times are not very flexible and revolve around the timetable
  • Missed pick up times or departure deadlines may result in forfeiture of the cost
  • Some operators can re-schedule passengers who miss the nominated pick up time
  • Some operators have shuttles scheduled every 30 to 60 minutes but others have scheduled intervals of some hours in between, making re-scheduling sometimes impractical
  • Customers of shared rides will select the most suitable pickup time from the available time slots to meet their own flight arrival or departure itinerary
  • Customers need to book their pickup taking into account their flight ETA, luggage collection time and any additional stops en-route to the destination, transit times can extend beyond a direct drive to the destination