Family Transfers

Yes we are family and group friendly. We try our best to give you priority too!

Sometimes you just need a bigger vehicle

Priority Transfers have a selection of suitable vehicles for Family Transfers.

Importantly, the vehicle has to be able to safely transport children under the age of seven. We provide for the selection of child seats and booster seats on our extra options booking page. Luggage quantities are also a consideration when selecting your vehicle. The luggage capacity is indicated on each vehicle that you may like to consider.

You can order your children's seating online.

Look for a vehicle that is baby friendly. Child restraints for children 0-4 years abd booster seats for 4-7 years old. TIP: On our home page go to our "FIND A TRANSFER" widget, enter the locations then view the available vehicles. Select a vehicle and see it has an option to order child seats. If the quantity is "0" then this is not the vehicle for you.