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Before you book

When should I make a booking?

You can book your transfer online up to 24 hours before your required travel date. We suggest that you book atleast 48 hours in advance so we can best provide for your needs. Booking your transfer early is the best way of avoiding any price increase, which may occur at any time.

Will the driver drop me at my hotel?

Yes, all our transfers whether shared or private, will drop you at your destination door.

Will anyone else be travelling with us in the vehicle I book?

If you require a Private Transfer then select the vehicle which is listed under the "Private Transfers" heading in the "Find a Transfer" search results.

Who is Priority Transfers, where are you located, can I contact you or get a callback?

Priority transfers is owned by Greg Vincent of 6 Coffeebush Court, Reedy Creek, Qld. ( You can contact us by email prior to making a booking we can respond by email or call back. We provide you with all the contact details for our suppliers when you make a booking online. Our supplier partners look after questions relating to any existing bookings, they are open for phone contact during business hours, or you can contact them at any time by email. If your enquiry is urgent and relates to a current booking, please call your driver for the quickest response.

How much luggage can the vehicle handle?

Your luggage allowance is dependant upon by the size of the car you book. Some vehicles do have smaller carrying capacities and these are indicated when you make your vehicle selection. Please select a larger vehicle if you have more luggage than is indicated in the details of the vehicle search results.

There will be children travelling in my transfer. Can you supply us with child seats?

For most vehicles, the driver can provide car seats. Please indicate in your booking how many child or booster seats you need in the extra options page of the online booking. Baby seats and booster seats will be provided if booked in advance. Drivers are required by law to transport children with the required child seat restraints in place. The driver can refuse to transfer you without the correct seating to avoid legal and financial penalties from law enforcement agencies. You can provide your own child seats, if you wish, just add a special note for the driver in the extra information space in your booking.

Do you charge merchant fees for debit or credit card payments?

Most of our Partners charge extra for merchant fee charges applied by card processing companies and banks. The charges are revealed at "Check out."

Which cards do you accept?

We accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards, and most affiliated payment (debit) cards. All card payments are secured by 256 bit SSL encryption. For any issues paying with your card, please email Customer Support, our team will will respond as soon as possible, perhaps by return phone call.

How do I know my card and personal details are transmitted securely?

All booking pages where you are required to enter personal information are secured using 256 bit SSL encryption, verified by Trustware. Payments are made at the end of the booking process. A popup will appear from our card processor. Here when you enter the details you are entering them directly into the processor's payment system. We do not store your credit card details, we do not sight them at all and are all stored off-site for security in the processor's vault.

I am required by my company to provide an invoice, can you supply one?

Yes we provide you with an invoice when you make a booking request.

How do I make a booking on your website?

Navigate to our home page. Scroll down to the form where you can input your locations to "Find a Transfer". First select which tab is best for you; Are you arriving at an Airport?, then select Arriving at Airport. Do you want to be taken to an Airport?, then select Take to Airport.

If an Airport is not part of your transport plans then select "Other Location" for a all other point to point transfers.

If you require to hire a car and driver for small tours, shopping or appointments and retain that driver on a "as directed" basis; then click the "Hourly Hire" tab.

Then enter all the required pickup and destination details, the date and time of your flight arrival ETA. If departing enter the date and time to book your driver.

Select the number of passengers and select a return or one-way transfer. Click "Find a transfer" button.

Select from the range of vehicles and then follow add your luggage and extras if required. On the final page add your personal details and payment information.

If you need help making your booking please submit a query with our support team

What information do I need in order to book?

If you are wanting to connect with an Airport, then we will require your flight number like QF52 or VA511. We require the exact number of passengers in your group. If there are children in your group, then we will need their ages and we will require that you order seat restraints for infants and children under 7 years of age.

Once you have determined the number of passengers in your group and their ages then you can select the best vehicle to seat all your passengers. You can also select your vehicle based on how much luggage that you need to carry in the car. Do you know how much luggage you will have? We suggest that you determine how many regular cases and how many carry-on bags/cases you will have with you.

Use your knowledge of your passenger numbers including children. The quantity of luggage. The flight numbers for both your arrival and departures. Then you can easily make a booking with us.

I cannot find the locations I want to book. What do I do?

Our location selections are powered by Google Places. It is rare that your location could not be found. The quickest solution is to select the nearest location to your exact location and add a note for the driver in "Additional Comments" with the exact pickup location. Don't worry we provide you with the driver supplier phone and email contact details if you want to re-confirm the correct info afterward.

How do I pay for my transfer?

Some providers offer a "Pay Later" option, which means that you can pay the driver personally with cash. Otherwise, all checkouts of the booking is by Credit Card payment by Mastercard, Visa or Amex.

Can I book a transfer with more than one stop?

Yes that's fine, you can add an extra stop in the extra options page. This is on condition that the stop is within the same suburb as the pickup or destination suburb OR the pickup point is within one kilometre of the route, without any major deviation, otherwise, it is at the discretion of the driver to ask for additional costs for extra time and distance. If this is of concern it is best to discuss it with the driver by emailing the supplier, prior to the pickup date.

How long will the transfer take?

Private transfers are quicker than Shared transfers. The journey time and distance information on our website is from Google maps. This estimate is the total drive time from point to point, the estimate is displayed during the booking process to assist you and can vary on the day by bad weather or traffic conditions. These times are supplied for guidance only and you should allow some extra time for unexpected delays.


This is particularly important if you book a transfer to be taken to the Airport. Please note this estimate is subject to normal traffic conditions. When booking shared transfers we suggest you add one hour to the estimated transit time. For shared transfers your provider will reconfirm the pickup time with you after you make your online booking.

How do I get a quote for my transfer?

No hassle! You can get a real-time, on-screen quote by entering your pick-up and drop-off locations on the home page. Once you have entered the quantity of passengers, the date and time the transfer is required, click “Find A Transfer”. All the search results for services matching with the criteria will be displayed along with the quotes. The prices quoted for “Shared Transfers are calculated on the number of passengers in your group. The prices quoted for “Private Transfers” is the price for the vehicle. All prices quoted include taxes, parking, tolls and gratuities. If you don’t get any results in your search then submit a custom quote so that our support team can check this manually for you.


If you are having trouble making a booking, (remember booking within the next 24 hours of your requirement is not available) then submit a request for assistance and our support team will respond promptly, perhaps with a phone call.

What is included in the quoted prices?

All "Priority Black" and "Priority Taxi" quoted prices include, parking tolls at the Airport, driver "meet and greet" service inside the terminal, Goods and Services Taxes (GST), road tolls for the desired route and gratuities. The other extra charges that may be added is preferred extras, some providers charge for baby and child booster seats and some are free of charge. Some providers pass on merchant service banks charged by the bank for processing credit card payments.All charges are disclosed as you proceed through the booking steps. "Priority X" (Coming soon) will not include a "meet and greet" service inside the Airport arrivals terminal.


Can I book a transfer for now or within the next 24 hours?

I am sorry, most our our providers require at least 24 hours notice. Please place your booking at your earliest convenience to ensure availability.


Can I make a booking other than for the Airport?

Yes sure, no hassle. Just select the "Other Location" tab on our “Find A Transfer” widget on our home page. Just add your pickup and drop off locations, like hotels, venues or your private address! Simply start typing your required hotel or address and select from the auto-suggested locations that match your typed text. If no results are displayed on the results page and if you require the transfer more than 24 hours than your current time, then submit a custom quote request and our support team will try to assist you with a provider.


Can I book for baby seats, extra luggage, or other items?

Yes sure, subject to your preferred vehicle. Some smaller vehicles have less capacity for extra luggage than others. Baby seats and child booster seats can also be ordered depending on the vehicle. Choose your vehicle then click "Select" to see what extra options are available on the next page. For more information about child restraints please CLICK HERE.


Can I get concessions for children or seniors?

No, at this moment there are no concessions for children or seniors.


Is payment required for infants and children?

Yes every person needs to occupy one seat in the vehicle regardless of age. For infants and babies, child restraints are also required, so please order them on the extra options page, when making your next booking.


What time can I select for my shared transfer shuttle?

When you make a booking for your Shared Transfer, the departure time options will be provided, they will be the soonest available to your requested time. The times offered will be re-confirmed by the supplier and you will receive your supplier's full contact details after your Priority booking is completed, if you have some more questions you can check with the supplier directly by phone or email.


What locations can I get dropped off?

We do point to point transfers based on your requested drop-off location in the booking that you make on Priority. So to your requested destination door!


What type of car will pick me up?

Most shared transfers provide a mini-bus type vehicle for the transfer. Private transfers are provided in Service Categories; Priority Black are more up market vehicles depending on how many passengers are in your group, with a one on one chauffeur style of service. Priority X service is supplied by Ride Share providers in their own personal vehicle. An example of the vehicle is displayed when you book, but may be similar to the image an not always exactly the same as depicted.


Would you like some more information?

Please submit a Support request email to our team and let us help you by email reply or return phone call.


What types of Private Transfers are available?

We have Priority Black & Priority X. Click here to read more.


What is "Meet & Greet"?

Next to each vehicle description, on our vehicle selection page, the term "Meet & Greet" means this vehicle includes the driver parking the vehicle at the Airport and then meeting the customer inside the terminal, with a sign and the customer name. The driver will then assist with carrying the luggage back to the vehicle.


What is "Curb Side"?

If you see this term in the description of a vehicle on the vehicle selection page, the term "Curb Side" means this driver will not be parking and meeting the customer inside the Airport terminal. The customer must have an active mobile phone to co-ordinate with the driver to meet at agree spot, by the curb-side outside the terminal after collecting their luggage.


Before you travel

What luggage entitlement will I have?

Shared Transfers; The entitlement is one regular sized suitcase and one-carry-on case. Private Transfers; you are entitled up to and limited to the vehicle luggage capacity. For example if you book a Holden Caprice, this vehicle can seat four passengers but the boot space is limited to 2 regular cases and two carry-on bags/cases. If you have four passengers in your group each with a regular suitcase and one carry-on case/bag then select a larger vehicle with more luggage capacity that can carry 4 regular cases and four carry-on bags/cases.

Where will I meet the driver when I arrive?

Information explaining where to meet your driver, along with other useful information and your driver contact details are all provided your "Booking Details" email. "Priority Black" Airport pickups, your driver will be waiting at the arrivals gate inside the airport terminals customs exit in the case of an international flight, or the luggage carousel area in the case of a domestic terminal flight, with a sign showing your name on it. If you book a "Priority X" (coming soon) please collect your luggage then call your driver to arrange for the best pickup location.

What happens if I can't locate my driver?

If you have any difficulties locating your driver, please try calling your driver's mobile. We supply you with your driver contact details along with the confirmation and receipt.

What happens if my flight is delayed?

All of our drivers monitor the flights for delays to ensure they will be waiting for you. Some airports have strict parking restrictions, so our drivers tend to wait for you within the airport precincts to allow time for you to clear your flight. However, as a backup measure, please call your driver or sms him or her if you are aware of any delay to your flight, which may affect your transfer connection with your driver.

My flight has changed. Can I re-schedule my transfer?

In most cases we will be able to reschedule your transfer without a problem. However, if it is a busy time of the year, it is possible (but unlikely) that we may not have availability for your new transfer time. Please email your supplier directly the minute you know about any change in flight schedule to give us sufficient time to reschedule your transfer. If we are unable to reschedule your transfer, we will refund you for your transfer in accordance with our terms and conditions. Refunds and cancellations for bookings within 48 hours of the pickup date and time is at the sole discretion of the driver supplier.

My flight has been cancelled and I no longer require a transfer. Can I cancel my booking?

Yes, in accordance with our terms and conditions.

My group size has changed, can I choose another vehicle?

This will be handled in the first instance by our driver partner. Please advise them directly by email of the exact requirements. If the driver is not able to upgrade you to another vehicle and your requested pickup date and time is not within 48 hours then cancel your booking and rebook with another provider and larger vehicle.

My confirmation email has not arrived. What should I do?

It is possible that your email server might mistake our email for spam and not deliver them. Please check your spam, trash or junk file to be certain. If you are concerned that you should have received the confirmation email but have not, please email Customer Support. Remember that you can always login to the "My Account" page (using your email address and password) to review your booking.

After your transfer

I have some suggestions to make, who can I contact?

We are proactive in seeking feedback about our customer service from administration through to the driver delivery of the service. All comments and suggestions assist in measuring how effective we are in performing our transfers. After you have been transported, we will email you with a customer satisfaction survey to offer suggestions and comments for improvement. You can also email us to provide feedback.

I left an item of luggage in the vehicle. How will I get it back?

Firstly, call your driver on the contact number provided. We will do what we can to return your lost items to you, either to your accommodation or to your private home address. Please be aware that any costs incurred will have to be pre-paid for luggage is sent back to you by courier.

If you have any further questions after having read our FAQ's above, please contact us. We'll be assist as best that we can.