Trust and Safety

Trust & Safety: Our Top Priority

Trust is one of our company's founding principles, and we go out of our way to ensure your safety. Our goal is to engender trust between our customers and their ground transport providers for every trip we facilitate.

Fully Checked Providers.

We carefully check each and every service provider in our system. Transport service operators must be licensed, possess comprehensive vehicle insurance, have their own ABN and be compliant within their state jurisdiction. Each driver is required to be background history checked via their State Government "Driver Authority" (DA) licensing system. Priority Transfers wants to make sure their providers are both professional and trustworthy. Otherwise, they're simply not welcome as a provider.

Insured Vehicles.

We require that every vehicle is insured, and the service providers must also have evidence of a Public Liability policy.

Verified IDs.

We're looking out for our service operators as well. In order to sign up for our services and maintain an active account, every new Priority Transfer customer must provide their mobile number and an active email address to ensure communication with new customers is easily available to our providers. We also process all payments using, a method which provides a secure platform for credit card processing.

A Business Built on Trust.

For us, trust is more than a notion. It's our #1 top priority. Please contact us  or visit our Customer Support page to learn more about the ways we've integrated trust and safety into the fabric of our brand.